17th June 2013

You are kindly invited to attend film projections of Czech amateur animated films in Ponrepo on Friday, 21st June at 6:30 pm.

Free entrance for NECS conference participants.


Ponrepo  (The cinema of the National Film Archive),  Bartolomějská 11, Prague 1.

Czech film animation has very rich and strong tradition. In addition to professional production this tradition includes also the works of amateur filmmakers. Selected amateur films reflect, with varying degrees of exaggeration and stylization, contemporary political situation and also some social problems. With two exceptions, this choice covers the period from 1960s to 1980s.


Pejsek Čokl (Puppy the Mutt)

Jaroslav Mackerle / 1936 / 4 min. / 16 mm (original 9,5 mm gauge)

After disputes with his Master Puppy the Mutt gets to Abyssinia, where he engages in battles against Italian colonial army. The first Czech animated amateur film.


X + Y

TIGR (Koplík-Groz-Tichý) / 1963 / 7 min. / 16 mm

Little girl playing with a ball on the boundary line of two opposing armies. Initial situation inspired by the atmosphere of cool war.


Podstata věci (Essence of things)

TRIK (Skoták-Scheuba-Čapek) / 1963 / 10 min. / DVD (original print 16 mm)

Criticism of manipulation with production results and economic indicators practiced in terms of socialist agriculture.


Psychoza (Psychosis)

TRIK (Skoták-Scheuba-Čapek) / 1966 / 10 min. / 16 mm

Ironic comment to modish "invasion" of news about the attack of dangerous extraterrestrial civilizations on the Earth.


Černoch (Negro)

Jaroslav Cita / 1966 / 3 min. / DVD (original 8 mm gauge)

Love story narrated through animation of simple black and white lines.


V rámci regulí (Within the Rules)

Jaroslav Cita / 1973 / 5 min. / DVD (original 8 mm gauge)

Story of antiracist satire leads from morbid passion for collecting of hunting trophies to armed conflicts. 


Deformace (Deformation)

Zdeněk Junek / 1985 / 5 min. / DVD (original S8 mm gauge)

Poetic young hero is exposed to constant pressure of roughness of military training.


Mašinerie (Machinery)

Pavel Bárta - Zdeněk Lorenz / 1985 / 10 min. / 16 mm

Failure of the machine becomes a cause for realizing other options of existence, different from original offer of program.


Hračka (Playgame)

Emil Kubiš / 1997 / 8 min. / DVD (original S8 mm gauge)

Reflection of influence of money on human society. Animated film collage between surrealism and everyday reality.



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